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Reminders on Pedestrian and Seat Belt Safety

Concord, NH – The Office of Highway Safety (OHS) reminds all motorists that choosing safe behaviors behind the wheel could save a life. While people’s preferences in the types of transportation they use differ, they all have one thing in common - everyone is a pedestrian. In 2020, there have been seven traffic-related fatalities in NH so far and two of those involved pedestrians.

“As a motorist, avoiding a pedestrian seems like common knowledge, but too many people are still paying with their lives,” said OHS Commander William Haynes. “Unfortunately, if there is a collision between a pedestrian and a vehicle, the pedestrian is most likely to be the one killed or injured. Everyone is responsible for safety on NH’s roads.”

Drivers and pedestrians need to stay alert at all times while traveling. While driving, it can be tempting to pick up an electronic device or fiddle with the radio, but that choice could cost someone his or her life. As a pedestrian, wearing headphones or using a cell phone could lead to disaster if you don’t hear a car horn or miss a stop-signal at a crosswalk. It is important for pedestrians to wear visible clothing as well as use a flashlight or headlamp to light their path if walking at night. If your vehicle becomes disabled on the side of the road, stay in the vehicle, dial 911 and ask for assistance. Stay in your vehicle until assistance arrives.

In addition, 4-out-of-the-5 traffic-related fatalities not related to pedestrians, were a result of ejection. It is another reminder of how seat belts can save lives. NH has the highest unbelted fatality rate in the country so we want to encourage everyone, regardless of age, to buckle up - every trip, every time and in every position of the motor vehicle.

Both drivers and pedestrians should always follow the rules of the road, including not using electronic devices or driving/walking impaired, traveling the speed limit, and by simply buckling up. Everyone who uses NH’s roads has a duty to drive safely, which, in turn, helps everyone get to their destination unharmed.

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