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2020 Town Election Results

As previously predicted, George Bailey and Jim Saccoccia have won three-year terms on the Select Board. Patricia Gingrich won a three-year term as Trustee of Trust Funds. Rick Walker won a three-year term as Cemetery Trustee. Karolina Bodney and Lindsey Maziarz won three-year terms as Library Trustees, and Karen Lee Towne won a one-year term as a Library Trustee. Ronald St. Jean won a two-year term for Town Moderator, and Nilda T. Janelle won a six-year term in the Supervisors of the Checklist.

The biggest news of these election results was that the Library (Article 03) didn’t pass. It required a 60% majority vote, and it only received 49.5% of the vote with 1144 votes. Article 02, Zoning – Solar Ordinance passed, as did the Stormwater Asset Management Grant (Article 04), the Operating Budget (Article 05), the Greenhill Road Bridge Replacement (Article 06), the Highway Heavy Equipment Capital Reserve (Article 07), and the Bridge and Culvert Capital Reserve (Article 08).

The Fire Truck Capital Reserve also passed (Article 09), as did the Emergency Communications Upgrades Capital Reserve (Article 10), and the Fire and Rescue Equipment Capital Reserve (Article 11). The Tricentennial Celebration Expendable Trust passed (Article 12), in addition to the Cemetery Capital Reserve (Article 13), the Library Technology Capital Reserve (Article 14), and the Solar Energy Exemption – 100% of Value (Article 15). The Elderly Exemption passed overwhelmingly (Article 16), as did both the By Petition: Service Connected-Disability Credit and the Service-Connected Disability Credit (Articles 17 and 19).

Allow Keno in Barrington failed to pass in a narrow dissent (Article 18). The By Petition: Prevent Nuclear War passed with 1137 votes (Article 20), as did the By Petition: Resolution, Act on Climate Pollution with 1303 votes (Article 21). Also, the By Petition: Resolution for Fair Redistricting submitted by Rep. Matt Towne passed with 1487 votes (Article 22).

For the Annual School District Election, Annmarie Cummings won a one-year term as School District Clerk with 1953 votes. Cindy Taylor won a one-year term as School District Treasurer with 56 votes. Ronald St. Jean won a one-year term as School District Moderator with 1967 votes. Also, Garth Svenson won a three-year term on the School Board with 1233 votes.

The school district’s budget passed with 1477 votes (Article 02). A Paraprofessional 3-year Collective Bargaining Agreement passed with 1522 votes (Article 03), and To add money from fund balance to Facilities Capital Reserve Fund passed with 1642 votes (Article 05), as well as Article 06: To add money from fund balance to High School Tuition Capital Reserve Fund with 1487 votes.

There were 7336 registered voters in Barrington, and 2328 turned out for this election, or 31.78%. For more information, please see the official results here.