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  1. HAMPTON — U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-N.H., said she was “very, very eager” to make sure federal dollars were bolstering efforts in combating substance misuse during a visit Wednesday at the SOS Recovery Community Organization in Hampton.Hassan hosted a roundtable discussion with recovery specialists and law enforcement officials from Dover and Farmington who are part of the LEAD (Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion) program.Hassan said the purpose of [...]
  2. CONCORD — Gov. Chris Sununu nominated three lawyers to be Circuit Court judges on Wednesday, his first judicial picks since last summer when his choice for chief justice of the state Supreme Court, Attorney General Gordon MacDonald, was voted down on a 3-2 vote along party lines.At Wednesday’s regular council meeting, Sununu nominated Kimberly Chabot of Henniker, John Curran of Londonderry and Thomas F. Reid II of Epsom to be Circuit Court judges, with terms that [...]
  3. CONCORD — The Joint Legislative Fiscal Committee tabled a $46 million education grant this past Friday, the third time it has voted on what would expand the number of charter schools in New Hampshire, but the issue isn’t going away soon.After the vote, Grant Bosse, spokesman for the Department of Education, said, “Commissioner (Frank) Edelblut will keep fighting for at-risk students and looking for ways to open up opportunities for their education. [...]
  4. CONCORD — Amidst a pending federal lawsuit against the University of New Hampshire brought by a former professor claiming UNH passed over him for employment due to his veteran status after it chose not to renew his contract, the state Senate took action to better protect veterans from discrimination in the university system.The Senate on Thursday passed SB 455, which amends the state law governing hiring practices, admissions, promotions and recruiting within the [...]
  5. PORTSMOUTH — The congressional delegations of Maine and New Hampshire joined their legislative peers in voting on a series of measures this week including Congressional War Powers and the Equal Rights Amendment.
  6. WINDHAM (AP) — A man has been accused of throwing President Donald Trump campaign signs and slapping a teen across the face outside a New Hampshire polling location during the first-in-the-nation presidential primary.Police said the attack happened just as Patrick Bradley, 34, of Windham, was leaving Windham High School after voting Tuesday. As Bradley was walking by a Trump campaign tent, he allegedly slapped the 15-year-old, then allegedly assaulted two adults who tried to [...]
  7. Temporary driver's licenses for legal immigrantsHouse Bill 1700, "relative to the licensure of non-resident aliens temporarily residing in New Hampshire," is sponsored by Sen. David Watters, D-Dover. It permits non-resident aliens living in the state on a temporary basis to obtain a driver's license when they complete an application for asylum status to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The bill was recommended by the commission studying licensing of [...]
  8. CONCORD (AP) — New Hampshire has made significant progress in connecting to a national public safety communications system created in response to the Sept. 11 attacks, state officials said Friday.The inability of some police and fire departments to communicate with one another over incompatible radio systems in 2001 led to the development of the First Responder Network Authority, or FirstNet. The system is being built as part of a public-private partnership by AT&T, which [...]
  9. CONCORD — Marijuana would be sold in state liquor stores under a proposal a House committee heard on Wednesday.House Bill 1663 would legalize retail marijuana sales as surrounding states have done but would not allow advertising or other enticements.The bill’s prime sponsor, Rep. Jerry Knirk, D-Freedom, said selling cannabis in liquor stores will allow the products to be regulated, limit potency and eliminate pesticide residues.“This would not allow [...]
  10. "Sushi noodles" may not have had publicized plans for a potential presidency, but nonetheless, someone in Rye placed a write-in vote Tuesday naming the cuisine as their 2020 candidate.When taking to the polls each year, for almost any election, a voter can write-in a "candidate" whose name does not appear on the ballot. For some, it's a way to voice their disappointment in those actually on the ballot. For others, it's a creative protest or revolt.But for election officials, [...]
  11. How did your candidate fare in your community? Voting results from Seacoast towns and cities. Results are unofficial numbers.STATEWIDE (98% reporting)DemocratsBernie Sanders: 75,859, 26%Pete Buttigieg: 72,126, 24%Amy Klobuchar: 58,499, 20%Elizabeth Warren: 27,241, 9%Joe Biden: 24,831, 8%Tom Steyer: 10,664, 4%Tulsi Gabbard: 9,598, 3%Andrew Yang: 8,268, [...]
  12. President Donald Trump sailed to a clear victory Tuesday in New Hampshire’s GOP presidential primary, with Republicans across the state voting overwhelmingly to give the incumbent a shot at a second term.Trump was declared the winner as polls in the state closed Tuesday night.Four years ago, the state offered Trump his first primary victory and helped catapult him to the White House. But Trump narrowly lost New Hampshire to Democrat Hillary Clinton in the November [...]
  13. The choice not to vote can be polarizing, at times a condemnation."I think it's a disgrace," said Mark Whiting, a retiree from Hampton. He enjoyed a beer at Logan's Run after voting for Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Tuesday and said he takes the right to vote seriously."People have to have a good excuse not to vote, I guess," Whiting said. "To me, they're busy doing nothing."While Granite Staters came out to the polls for the nation's first primary, non-voters stayed in [...]
  14. PORTSMOUTH — Clyde Logue instantly liked Andrew Yang when he heard him on a Freakonomics podcast.Logue was holding a sign for Yang outside Little Harbour School, about a block from his home, shortly before polls closed Tuesday night."The first thing I liked about him is that he's talking about the real issues," Logue said. "Employment, automation, all those coming things that are changing the economy and we've got to address those."Logue also liked Yang's [...]
  15. DOVER — Terry Brady, 71, thinks Sen. Amy Klobuchar is surging and could leverage a strong New Hampshire showing to even greater national heights.Brady, a retired Verizon phone operator who volunteers with the Pease Greeters and Special Olympics, said she's backing the Minnesota senator because she believes she’s proven her ability to withstand harsh attacks and divisiveness in her time in office."She's very calm," said Brady, a Glenwood Avenue resident with 10 [...]
  16. EXETER — Bryan and Shelly Doxter of Somersworth traveled to Exeter to hold campaign signs and show their support for President Donald J. Trump."I'm here because of everything he's gone through over the past three years," Shelly said. "I'm here to support him and to say thank you for being the greatest president and for caring."Both Shelly and Bryan said the president has been treated unfairly by Democrats and the media."My question is, what has he done that's been [...]
  17. HAMPTON — Nicole Baker, 52, is not “super political,” but she “feels the Bern” for Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders.“I like what he has to say,” said Baker, who is a house-sitter and works in the restaurant industry. “He’s kind of an unwavering guy. He doesn’t really change. What he said back then is what he says today.”From getting “millionaires and billionaires” to pay their [...]
  18. PORTSMOUTH — Everyone was talking about "the dress" outside the polls at Portsmouth Middle School Tuesday.Personifying the idea of "dress for success," the aquamarine-colored garment hung from one of District 26 state Rep. Becky McBeath's Elizabeth Warren campaign signs. When Warren stopped by the polls around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, she remarked to McBeath it would be a good color on her."It's classic, well-made, has a little sparkle," McBeath said. The dress belonged to [...]
  19. RYE — There are a lot of "extraordinary" things about Pete Buttigieg, said Rye resident Janet Davis."He has a wonderful heart for all people," Davis, 50, said Tuesday morning, while campaigning for the Indiana Democrat and former mayor of South Bend outside of Rye Elementary School. "He is so serious about how we treat one another."Holding a campaign sign, Davis wore a blue and yellow "Pete 2020" winter hat and a pin that read "Women for Pete.""He is a natural [...]
  20. Neil Bleicken, of Exeter, is an undeclared voter who took a Republican primary ballot Tuesday to support former two-term Massachusetts Gov. William Weld."I think Bill Weld is the best candidate to be president," Bleicken said. "I think character still matters."He said he thinks Weld would be a better president than Donald J. Trump because "the truth matters.""My real concern with the president is that he's a person of extremely low character, so I think Weld will be a [...]