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Joel Sherburne – 2019 Barrington Resident of the Year

Joel Sherburne is very well-known in Barrington, New Hampshire and in other communities for being the guy that has cut the cheese at Calef’s Famous Country Store for over 60 years now, but he’s a lot more than that. Joel is also the President of the Barrington Historical Society, Ambassador and Announcer for the Rochester Fair, the Founder and Ambassador for the New Hampshire Lighthouse Week, and has been the Barrington Citizen of the Year before, awarded by the Greater Barrington Chamber of Commerce. We all know Joel, and we all know about all the great work that he does in this community. Joel connects all of us to one thought, and that is giving.

Joel Sherburne – 2019 Barrington Resident of the YearJoel has given his entire life to making Barrington, New Hampshire a better place. Recently, he presented two checks from proceeds from the Barrington Variety Show to the American Legion Post 114, and the Barrington Community Food Pantry.

As the chair of the Barrington Do-Gooders Committee, Joel has organized and hosted the annual Barrington Variety Show now for many years, and for each of those years, he’s split the proceeds from the event down the middle for the American Legion Post 114 and the Barrington Community Food Pantry, providing assistance to veterans and families in need that live in Barrington.

Joel is a very respected person, who volunteers his time at the Barrington Historical Society, keeping the history of Barrington in its records and photographs in pristine condition. This is someone who ultimately loves Barrington as a lifelong resident and employee at our most famous Calef’s Country Store.

As you’re all preparing for the New Year with friends and family, I want you to remember how lucky we are to have Joel in the community – someone who has spent his entire life waiting on us, taking our orders, and contributing to the greater Barrington community.

The next time you see Joel, be sure to tell him how much he means to all of us. So, from all of us at Barrington Town News, we’ve picked Joel Sherburne to be our Resident of the Year for 2019. With this award comes all of the fame and benefits of being cherished by the community he has served for over 60 years. So head on down to Calef’s Country Store to wish Joel a Happy New Year, and to pick up some of that Famous Calef’s Snappy Old Cheese – when every bite tastes just right.