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How To Request An Article

You should first start by contacting us with the details about the article you’d like to have written. We will then reach out to the appropriate information sources and ask for general information about the topic. As we research the topic more, we’ll relay any questions that we have to the contacts that we establish as sources. The entire process can take several hours to as many as several weeks, depending upon how fast the contacts respond to our inquiries. You can be sure that we’ll provide the most accurate information to you, as soon as possible.

How To Request A Correction

If we’ve made a mistake in our reporting, we sincerely apologize. You should contact us immediately so we can resolve the issue. We try our hardest to provide the most accurate information. If we’ve reported incorrect information, we’ll issue an update to the respective article, so that our readers will know that we made a mistake. The types of ‘mistakes’ that we correct are reporting mistakes. We, however, will not retract information just because someone thinks it shouldn’t be public knowledge, as long as the information benefits the community of Barrington NH.

How To Advertise

Advertising is available to paying customers. We have a free business listing, with a paid upgrade option that allows local businesses to post other multimedia such as photographs, videos, logos, restaurant menus, pricing information, additional contact information, and a customizable description of the company. We will also have real estate listings, classified advertisements, and other types of advertisements after we get the site up and running with a significant amount of local traffic. We already have all of the software necessary to provide these types of services, so if you would like to pay for these services or any other services that you think we can offer, please contact us at You can also visit our Advertising Pricing page and our Advertising Order Form page.