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How To Request Media Coverage

  • Submit a Press Release to Barrington Town News –
  • Submit the article directly to the Barrington Town News Website for review by our staff, which will publish the article if it complies with our requirements and content standards.
  • Contact one of Barrington Town News’ writers and request an article be written.
  • Obtain permission to Blog on the Barrington Town News website, and post the article yourself.
  • Pay for Advertising on Barrington Town News - Contact

Who Can Submit Articles to Barrington Town News?

  • Anyone in Barrington, NH

Who Can Ask for Permission to Blog on Barrington Town News?

  • Town of Barrington Officials
  • Barrington Police Department
  • Barrington Fire Department
  • Political Officials
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Local Doctors
  • Local Lawyers
  • Local Scientists, including Environmentalists
  • Local Public Health Officials
  • Other Government Employees
  • Other Individuals, as determined by Barrington Town News

How To Request A Blog