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Forthright Mortgage – Borrowing During a Crisis

One of the concerns during this time is the ability to buy and sell a home. Upon investigation with real estate professionals, the home sale market is still alive and well even during this time. Sometimes a home sale is prompted by a work-related move, or unfortunately, an unemployment situation. Other times, a home refinance can help the homeowner over a potential financial crisis, or increase their wealth by leveraging the equity in their home.

Although you can finance a new home directly through the banks, their requirements are often much more stringent, making them appear less flexible to the non-traditional homebuyer, or one with less than perfect credit or lower down payment. This is the reason most people use a mortgage broker. A mortgage broker (much like an independent insurance agent), can shop around with various lenders to provide the most advantageous loan for the home-buyer that is tailored for their situation.

Kevin Brodeur, the Vice President of Forthright Mortgage, LLC has been in the mortgage industry for over 10 years. Forthright was founded last year, to provide better quality customer service, and bring flexibility to its customers. They are brokers for financing home purchases, refinances, second homes, multi-units, and commercial properties. He states that the current business climate has impacted his business by increasing the number of serious buyers, and those people who are dedicated to improving their credit limits and buying power. He has seen fewer renters and more homeowners looking to change their financial position through a new home purchase.

When asked how his company has responded to the economic and business changes caused by the response to Covid-19, Kevin responded:

We have always had a focus on high-quality customer service. Buying a new property and obtaining the financing can often be a frustrating process – we strive to alleviate that frustration through being accessible, prompt, and organized.

Although his availability has always been 24/7 since he entered the mortgage business, his company has increased its flexibility through more pickup and delivery services as well as increased mobile access.

This growing company has kept the doors open and has opened the doors for many borrowers to increase their financial stability, upsize, downsize, or relocate.

Though the offices of Forthright Mortgage LLC are in Hampton, NH for strategic business reasons, Kevin is a long-standing resident of this area and has forged deep networking connections with many local real estate agents. He works with buyers and sellers throughout the area – Barrington, Rochester, Dover, Somersworth, Portsmouth, Hampton, and the rest of the southeast NH area. He builds his business through referrals, and always goes the extra mile to close the deal on time.