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New Hampshire Holds First in the Nation Democratic Party Virtual Convention

Convention Featured Stacey Abrams and Attracted 3,000+ LIVE Viewers

Concord, N.H. - Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party became the first state party in the nation to hold its scheduled convention virtually.

To prioritize the health and safety of Granite Staters, last month the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s Executive Committee unanimously voted to adapt the New Hampshire Democratic Party State Convention, originally set to be held in person, to a virtual event. Today’s convention was a mix of an exciting live program, a keynote address from voting rights advocate Stacey Abrams, and a recorded program featuring Granite State Democratic leaders and candidates.

“It’s not exactly how I’d imagine convention would be - me alone in my office - especially when more than 10,000 of us met last year,” said Ray Buckley, the chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party as he opened today’s convention. “But despite or even especially because of the time we’re all living through right now, and the unprecedented challenges our country is facing, I knew we had to get together. Because there’s more at stake than ever before.”

More than 3,000 Granite Staters tuned in live this morning from across the state, and thousands of additional Granite Staters are continuing to watch the video throughout the day. The livestream was shared with more than 15,000 people and counting.

Stacey Abrams, founder of Fair Fight, an organization whose mission is to ensure every American has a voice in our election system, focused on voting rights during her remarks.

“We’re fighting over whether voter suppression will become what we expect from our democracy, like so many failed states, or if we’re going to fight back and make sure that every voice is heard and that the values of those we speak for become reality,” said Abrams.

Stacey Abrams’ remarks were especially resonant to Granite Staters in the midst of continued attacks on voting rights by Chris Sununu and New Hampshire Republicans who have been doing everything they can to make it harder for people who don’t agree with them to vote - from imposing an unconstitutional poll tax to adding burdensome and confusing steps to the voter registration process.

Following Abrams’ remarks, the New Hampshire Democratic Party streamed recorded videos featuring Senator Shaheen, Senator Hassan, Congresswoman Kuster, Congressman Pappas, and candidates up and down the ticket - as well as some official convention business, including reports from the Resolutions, Platform, Credentials, and Rules Committees.

“Planning this convention really filled all of our hearts here at the New Hampshire Democratic Party, and it's clear from all the comments and feedback we’ve received that it brought a beam of sunshine on a snowy day in a gloomy time to so many Granite Staters from every corner of the state,” said Buckley.

You can read more about this convention and its leadership team here, and you can watch today’s convention here.