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MCE123 – Running a Tech Business During the COVID-19 Crisis

In this time of the “gig” economy, the founder of Barrington Town News - Patrick R. McElhiney, M.S., is also the Company Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of MCE123.Besides running a successful technology company, Patrick is a full-time Ph.D. student in Computer Science 3rd Year Candidate at the University of New Hampshire, who will graduate by 2024 as well as overseeing Barrington Town News.Patrick has an A.S. Business Management from McIntosh College, graduated in 2008, a B.S. Marketing Management from Daniel Webster College, graduated in 2010 and an M.S. Information Technology from the University of New Hampshire in Manchester, graduated in 2018.

His business, MCE123, serves all sizes of organizations, families, and individuals as well. The company provides over 50 different types of Marketing, Information Technology, and Technology Development services. The services in highest demand include Web Development, Software Development, Computer Repair & Diagnostics, IT Management, Server Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing and Management, Content Creation, Graphic Design, and Invention Development.Much of the work at MCE123 is in the web development field, but not all web developers are alike. One thing that makes MCE123 stand out is:

“When we develop a website, usually we are developing custom software that makes that website unique in a way that provides all of the functionality that the client needs, in addition to developing the content, as well as performing SEO and advertising on Social Media to bring in a diverse background of viewers. The quality, uniqueness, and security of our websites are what makes them popular. We take a whole picture approach to web development.” Patrick R. McElhiney, M.S.

The company has not had to make any changes because of the crisis, other than following CDC guidelines specific to the pandemic. When the company was formed prior to 9/11, Patrick envisioned a company that would survive through any hardship. This has allowed MCE123 to excel during times of national crisis, where other businesses are on the brink of collapse. They have kept overall debt low, and have a contingency plan for any possible eventuality.Because of his background and training, Patrick is capable of doing the work of MCE123 by himself. They have always used teleconferencing, and Patrick is used to working independently. The need to rely on many external factors is limited.

The major change because of the pandemic, MCE123 has switched to working on internal projects, like the Phase II/III expansion of the Barrington Town News.This will become the baseline of the software needed to run a nation-wide media network, with a media presence in every town, city, and metropolis, regardless of how small or big the province is. This project has been in planning since 2005, and they are currently breaking ground on the infrastructure of the code. According to Patrick:

“I cannot wait to deploy the new web platform so people can see what I have been working on for over 15 years now. Code is one of the most valuable pieces of real estate that a company can own. It will allow the media, everywhere, to unify into a single network, like the bible of news everywhere in the United States. “

During down time, Patrick has spent time with his mother who is at high risk and over 70, learning about his family history.He has been chronicling the details in his life and his family in his autobiography.Patrick plans on running for public office in the future and thinks this book will be useful for relaying the facts about his life and political aspirations.He has an overwhelming desire to give back to his community, which is what led him to found Barrington Town News and investing in the next phase of the software platform that will support a national, unified news outlet.In his own words:

“I am not doing it for the money – it is more of a Philanthropic project to provide affordable advertising to businesses of all sizes to grow the economy. The news is really the most effective way to stimulate the economy. The prices that companies currently charge for advertising are outrageous, and Mom-and-Pop stores cannot afford it. I want to make advertising services affordable for all businesses, regardless of their size.”

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