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 Despite Less Traffic, NH Sees Spike in Traffic Fatalities

Concord, NH – The Office of Highway Safety (OHS) urges all motorists to help public safety measures during the COVID-19 pandemic by keeping unnecessary hospitalizations down due to preventable crashes. To date, there have been 34 traffic-related fatalities resulting in a 70% increase from this same period in 2019. Pedestrian fatalities are also on the rise with eight adult pedestrian fatalities resulting in a 166% increase from this same period last year.

“Despite a drop in traffic volume, fatalities continue to rise. We are also seeing an increase in speeding. During this difficult time, OHS remains committed to traffic safety and will maintain coordinated police monitoring activities between local, county and state law enforcement agencies,” said Commander of Highway Safety, Captain William Haynes. He continued: “We will remain visible on the roads to ensure traffic safety and we will continue to support our local and state partners in the fight against COVID-19. Our commitment is to our NH citizens. We are all working together to ensure safety in all capacities.”

Commander Haynes offers the following traffic safety recommendations: For Motorists:

  • Slow down and obey all posted speed limits
  • Stay alert for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists
  • Avoid all distractions
  • Wear your seat belt in every position (front and back seats)
  • Never drive impaired

For Pedestrians:

  • Obey all WALK/DON’T WALK signs
  • Use a sidewalk/crosswalk whenever possible, or as needed, walk facing traffic
  • Wear reflective clothing/gear when walking at night
  • Stay alert

OHS thanks the motoring public for their continued efforts in making good choices behind the wheel. Whether you are an essential worker traveling to and from work or driving to get essential items, please observe all rules of the road and #GetHomeSafely.

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