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The Coffee News – We’re still hiding the Bean

I recently spoke with Roy Fairbanks, Publisher of the Coffee News in the Seacoast area.Roy’s territory covers Barrington-Lee, Dover, Durham-Newmarket, Exeter-Hampton, and Portsmouth.As a primarily print publication, the Coffee News has been around for over 32 years.Many of us are familiar with the tan paper, available at restaurants and local businesses worldwide, and those of us who are familiar have probably spend a significant amount of time searching for the elusive coffee bean.Some have even taken advantage of the bean contest, where the reader submits the location that they read the Coffee News at – and the advertisement where the bean was hiding that week.For their efforts, a winner is selected at random, and awarded a $25 prize and their name published in the Coffee News!

Roy stated during the interview that there is one thing you won’t find in the Coffee News, and that is news about the Corona Virus:

“Not going to list anything about the virus – not going to be in our paper.Our editions to remain fun and nothing to do with the virus. Our goal is to - Tickle your funny bone, stir your imagination, and touch your heart with jokes, quotes and horoscopes that will brighten your day.”

Currently this particular mission is truly needed – but because of the quarantine, the Coffee News is not found at its usual locations.With the shelter in place order issued by Gov. Chris Sununu and many of their normal distribution locations closed, Roy and his wife Cindy have opted to stop producing the print version of the Coffee News until things open back up again.They found that many places mistakenly threw out new papers because they feared the virus might transfer through that media.However, a scientific study proves that it only can live on the type of paper they use for one to three hours.Although the risk of transfer is low, educating everybody would be very difficult.

“We deliver to a lot of places where the readers are the riskier age groups – so we have to go the extra mile for their benefit.We would have to explain our process to everyone constantly so they would be comfortable with it – 230 places every week – there is an overwhelming perception the paper might move something around.“ Roy Fairbanks

For now, the print version of the local Coffee News is not in production.Roy and Cindy are, however, still hiding the bean – electronically.Yes, the Coffee News is now online, and the Fairbanks are now busy getting the word out.Roy sent an email to all of the people who have entered the bean contest throughout the years, and had over 500 reads in that week.Not nearly what the paper distribution would be – but it’s a start.They are continuing to reach out to their favorite fans, through a link on their Facebook page, and a link on the homepage of Coffee News.So far, the response to the new “e-version” has been positive.Roy stated:

“I like this quote from Jack Ma, “You never know that the things you’re doing are that meaningful to society.”We’ve gotten so many responses; people who are so grateful that we’re putting it online so they can still read it.Our goal is to help someone have a better day, we’re able to do that even if it’s on a smaller scale right now.”

So the game is afoot – all you super sleuths – click here and find your local version of the Coffee News – Share it with a friend, and zoom your coffee time reading through the news together.Then, when you find that elusive bean, submit your information, who knows – you or your friend may win!