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Immanuel Insurance – Rising Above the Storm

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, our regular interview process for articles has been changed into email and phone interviews.We are focusing on delivering messages of hope, letting the reader know who is working and what changes they have made to support their clients, that even in times of crisis we are surrounded by creative responsive business owners in the Barrington area.Dave Goodwin, President, and owner of Immanuel Insurance Agency has been a recognized business leader in our town for over 30 years – focusing on building community and serving our area’s insurance needs.He and his staff are active participants in the Barrington Chamber of Commerce and give back to the community in a variety of ways.

Immanuel Insurance Agency sells insurance for personal and business needs. They work with over 20 companies, which can cover many risks, so if someone is having a challenge finding proper coverage the agency will begin the shopping process for the customer. Besides finding the proper coverage, they can also “shop” plans, which can lower premiums for the same coverage or more in certain instances.

Though the agency is still open, the epidemic has impacted how business is done. The office is closed to the public and they have made a minor reduction in hours.The staff has been split - half work from home alternating each day. According to Dave,

“The phone is quiet and business is slower. It is a challenge to have opportunities to find new business. We are working hard just to keep our current clients covered and protected during this challenging time.”

When asked what one positive thing he has noted coming out of the pandemic, Dave responded:

“We are taking nothing for granted. Everything in this world is fragile. I’m keeping my focus on the eternal - not the present. My words to remember, “Fear Not for He is with me all the time even when I am not aware.”

Changes to the company at this time has included the purchase of some office equipment to allow the staff to work more effectively at home - this includes monitors, printers and other peripheral supplies.The changes that have been incorporated have made the business more flexible for the future.It’s provided the agency with an opportunity to learn how to best handle a future disaster and has increased responsiveness and strength. They are able to do all business transactions by email or phone 24/7 if needed.Dave also noted the following:

“The staff understands and is working to make the best of a challenging moment. If you have any concerns, questions, or challenges please reach out, we’d be happy to help.”

During these uncertain times, it is a pleasure to know that our community leaders are willing and able to adapt the business to meet the needs of their clients.Immanuel Insurance Agency is focused on building and retaining client relationships – to help their clients during rocky times as well as the good.