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New Things on the Horizon – Barrington School Foundation

The Barrington School Foundation (BSF) was founded in 2000, to supplement what the schools and parents can provide to the children of Barrington.Last year, the Foundation has moved from the leadership of some of its founding members (including Mike and Janet Clark and Pam Lenzi) to a new Board of Directors. The new board is comprised of the following:

Cara Metell – Chairperson
Elaine Marhefka – Secretary
Jeanine Roberts – Vice-Chair
Libby Allen – Treasurer

With the same vision, and following 20 years of success, the Board is eager to create more projects to support children in Barrington.They are continuing to run and improve current projects:

Jumpstart to Literacy – This book gifting program began in 2004 and originally was all managed by the Barrington School Foundation – from selecting, purchasing and distributing books for children from birth to age 5.In 2010, BSF partnered with the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.Enrolled Barrington children (from birth to age 5) are sent an age-appropriate book monthly for their personal library – free of charge to the family.The Barrington School Foundation manages the enrollment for the town and offsets the shipping charges.This collaboration allows them to maximize the funding for new books to the greatest extent.Registration from the program can occur here.

Excellence in Education Award - The Foundation also continues to offer this annual award, honoring a teacher within the Barrington School District.The teacher is presented with a plaque, community honor ceremony, and a check to thank them for their service.

Annual PJ Party – In 2005, the Annual PJ Party was added to the literacy program. This great event, usually held in October, provides children with a new book, fun, games, activities related to the book and a chance to party in their PJs.

End 68 Hours of Hunger Collaboration - The Foundation worked with the local chapter End 68 Hours of Hunger to provide summer essentials bags to Barrington children who rely on the End 68 Hours of Hunger program.The plan is to increase engagement with area businesses this year to sponsor items for the bags and bring awareness of End68 in our town.

Every great non-profit seeks to fill the gap in the community with their projects and investments in the local area.The Barrington School Foundation strives to do this as well. As such, they are on the lookout for new members with new skills like Administration, Microsoft Office, Photography, Grant Writing, Social Media expertise, and Project Management. The Ideal Volunteer would meet the following criteria:

Cares about children
Has Some Free Time
Can Be Involved
Great Communicator

To find out more, donate or volunteer, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..Like their page on Facebook: Visit their website at