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Kelly Boyer for Executive Council – Putting People Before Politics

New Hampshire voters have a unique opportunity in Kelly Boyer. The 4th District Executive Council candidate offers voters the opportunity to elect a fierce advocate for working families, children and seniors.

“Kelly Boyer is exactly the kind of leader we need on the Executive Council. Her passion for public service is as evident as her commitment of improving the lives of Granite Staters. More importantly, Kelly’s energy, youth, and on-the-ground experience will give the Executive Council just the kick in the pants it needs.” State Senator Lou D’Allesandro.

Kelly currently serves on the Goffstown Select Board. She is the youngest and first openly LGBTQ member of the Select Board, as well as the first woman to serve on the Board in 10 years. Kelly has worked in the non-profit world for most of her adult life, including efforts with AmeriCorps, the YWCA, and PlusTime NH.

“I have spent the last decade working to give back to New Hampshire. While working for AmeriCorps, I worked with New Hampshire’s at-risk children, and advocated for victims of domestic and sexual abuse. Both as a volunteer and an elected official, I have worked with many of NH’s non-profits to help our less fortunate families build a stronger future.“ Kelly Boyer

On the Goffstown Select Board, Kelly has successfully spearheaded efforts to improve public safety, expand senior services at the local library, keep local taxes and spending in check and expand local volunteerism.

“Executive Council District #4 deserves a leader willing to put people before politics…someone who reflects the values of our communities and isn’t just a rubber stamp. Anyone who has met Kelly will tell you; she’s smart, confident and tenacious. Moreover, Kelly’s work on the Goffstown Select Board is an example of the bipartisan, get-the-job-done approach we need at every level of New Hampshire government.” NH Senate President Donna Soucy.

Kelly believes the Executive Council must work harder to embrace its critical role of providing checks and balances to the Governor’s office, regardless of which political party occupies the Governor’s Office. As she has done on the Goffstown Select Board, Kelly is committed to transparency in government at all levels; she is committed to prioritizing NH families and businesses over politics and she is committed to empowering the marginalized segments of our society.

Kelly lives in Goffstown with her wife, three dogs and a flock of chickens.