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Presidential Primary Results for Barrington, New Hampshire

Turnout was much higher for Democrats than Republicans, according to the City Clerk’s certified results. 1,137 Republicans voted, while 2,153 Democrats voted in Barrington. The Democrats also had more absentee ballots than the Republicans – Democrats sent in 117 Absentee ballots, while Republicans only sent in 42 Absentee ballots. Of the 1137 votes on the Republican side, only 980 were for President Trump or approximately 86% of the votes – so 14% of Republicans didn’t vote for President Trump in Barrington, NH. The only other major candidate on the Republican side was Bill Weld, who got 120 votes. There were 15 other Republican challengers, with no one of them receiving more votes than Mary Maxwell, who got 11 votes in Barrington, NH. Five of the fifteen Republican challengers received no votes in Barrington.

Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg were neck and neck with each other in Barrington, with Bernie winning the popular vote by just 34 votes. Bernie Sanders got 587 votes in Barrington, while Pete Buttigieg came in second with 553 votes. Next was Amy Klobuchar, who had a great debate performance recently, surging her votes to 404 for 3rd place. In 4th place was Elizabeth Warren with 207 votes, Joe Biden in 5th place with 147 votes, Tom Steyer in 6th place with 85 votes, and close behind in 7th place was Tulsi Gabbard with 83 votes. Tulsi Gabbard was the only Democratic candidate to visit Barrington, NH during the primary season.

Andrew Yang, who recently dropped out of the race, received 68 votes in Barrington, NH for 8th place, while Deval Patrick received only 12 votes. There were 24 other Democratic candidates for President in the New Hampshire Primary, not one of which received over 4 votes, and most of which received 0 votes. Barrington’s voter turnout was 44.88%, according to Town Administrator Conner MacIver. We asked him if he had any information about how Independents voted, and he said, “At the Primary Election, undeclared voters must choose a Republican or Democratic ballot. After voting, individuals are able to change their registration back to undeclared.”

You can see the full tabulation of results here.