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New Beginnings at Barrington Town News

Due to ongoing health concerns, Kat Roedell will be stepping down from full-time leadership at Barrington Town News.She will remain writing for the paper, and work with us during the transition to assure a smooth trade-off of responsibilities and to posture us for growth in the future.

To that end, we are announcing three contract positions available at the Barrington Town News.We are looking for people who have a passion for their community and reporting the news in a non-biased manner.The internet has changed the news industry radically in the past 20 years, however at the core it is the same – report the truth in a positive, uplifting manner.The positions we are filling are:

Sales Manager:The sales manager will oversee the sales and marketing aspects of the Barrington Town News, from the Business Directory, Banner Ads, and Promotional Marketing – including sales of feature ads and content development for clients in the greater Barrington area.This person will forge business relationships within the community and would be a great fit for a person with a great networking base.Compensation is commission-based.

Journalist(s):Every paper needs great writers that are creative, have high-quality standards and strive to understand the ins and outs of the community.Journalists can be subject-based (such as a group member sharing the ins and outs of meetings or historical stories), or more news story based (such as covering grand openings, school board meetings, etc.)

Graphic Storyteller:More than a photographer, we are looking for people who communicate through pictures, and have a good handle on graphic design for infographics, banner ads, and photojournalism.Must provide own equipment.

Barrington Town News offers flexible schedules, work from home capability, and project-based pay.This is perfect for students, homemakers, stay at home parents or even people on disability.If you are used to working in a gig-based economy, this is a great place to work and build a strong portfolio for your future. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to express interest in working with us.