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Fuel Assistance Programs in New Hampshire

During the winter months, many people on fixed incomes struggle with basic resources.One of these resources is proper heating for their residences.Bills that can be paid in normal months can sometimes quadruple in the winter months when extreme cold coupled with older homes can become problematic.

There are resources available in these situations, but if a family member doesn’t know where or how to look for the aid, it can be challenging.Heating relief can come in two ways, weatherization and fuel assistance – and you can apply for one or both on the same form.The program is managed through local Community Action Agencies, and there are 5 CAAs throughout the state of New Hampshire.

If you reside in Barrington or other places in Strafford County, your Community Action Agency (CAA) office is Community Action Partnership of Strafford County (CAPSC) Strafford County offices are located in Dover, Farmington, and Rochester.According to the fuel assistance website, if you are homebound and unable to visit a CAA office, telephone your local office to arrange a home or phone interview.The phone number for CAPSC is 603-435-2500.

Be certain when completing your application for aid to provide ALL of the requested information, and follow through with your appointments.If you rely on friends or family for transportation, make certain that the time and date of your appointment works for them as well.This will prevent processing delays.

Income Eligibility Guidelines: These guidelines are based on the gross household income by a number of people.For example, a family of four making $50,000 gross income (before taxes) would be eligible for fuel assistance, but not for the Weatherization Program.

Sometimes people are hesitant to apply for this aid, but over 29,000 households were certified for the fuel assistance program last year.The Fuel Assistance program is a Grant – which means the money received does not need to be repaid and it doesn’t count as income towards other government assistance.

More information about this program can be found here.

Additional Assistance may be found through the following services: