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BarnZ’s Installs New Comfy Chairs in Barrington Cinema

BarnZ’s Cinema in Barrington, New Hampshire installed new, comfy chairs in all its theatres in Barrington. They were installed between April through August of 2019, before Barrington Town News, was formed. I sat in one today, and it felt better than the brand-new La-Z-Boy that I have at home.

I can remember having back pain and neck pain from sitting in the old, outdated chairs that were there before. John Parsi, General Manager of BarnZ’s in Barrington, said business has become steadier because their customers really like relaxing in the new chairs.

Mr. Parsi said all the customer feedback they’ve received has all been overwhelmingly positive since the chairs were installed. This means that all the comments they received before, including on their Facebook page, about the theater, is old and outdated, are, well, old and outdated comments.

Every theatre has a row for handicap customers at the rear of each theatre. This allows for wider seats for people with disabilities, and an area for customers in wheelchairs to sit, or, to park their wheelchair next to one of the handicap seats and then sit in one of the new chairs – which is what I would recommend.

Customers have said the new chairs are super comfortable, and that they’re a better way to watch a movie, according to Mr. Parsi. He added, “It was definitely worth putting them in.” The chairs were also installed in Meredith as well before they were installed in Barrington. Mr. Parsi said he didn’t know if there were plans to install the seats in the third movie theatre in Lincoln, New Hampshire.