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Quest Martial Arts Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Most people use martial arts to learn self-defense – while Quest Martial Arts teaches life skills and how to become a better person and have a better life, in addition to self-defense. These life skills include discipline, belief, communication, respect, honesty, and self-esteem.

Sensei Lynda Nelson, who started the business after losing her job as a software consultant due to her previous employer losing a government contract explained that there are four tiers to every life skill. First, it starts with the individual, then it goes to others such as family members and fellow students, then it goes to society, and finally, it goes to the entire world. Each of these tiers is achievable by Quest students.

The way Quest teaches martial arts warrants a lot of referrals from schools, doctors, psychiatrists, and others in the community, because Quest Martial Arts has demonstrated that they can take a person that lacks self-discipline or self-control and give them focus and ensure they are no longer aggressive.

Quest Martial Arts can teach shy people, as well as people that have problems with self-control. They currently offer a 4-week free trial that allows a student to experience what it’s like before the parent needs to pay anything. After the free trial period, fees can range from $85/month to $1000/month, depending upon what the student signs up for.

When Lynda Nelson got started, it was just her and her sister running the company. Now they have a team that helps students develop their life skills. Sensei Nelson has helped to mentor kids because she feels there’s a void in that area in our community. Mentoring the kids creates better people for the community and better citizens for the country. Most parents work multiple jobs, and the schools are busy with developing academic excellence – there’s no one else helping to develop the kids’ life skills.

For parents that are unsure about whether Quest Martial Arts is right for their kid, Sensei Nelson said they should come in and talk to other parents that have the same challenges. They can take a kid that is aggressive and teach them self-control. They can also teach a shy kid to be more outgoing.

It’s not just for kids – adults can take classes as well. It’s more than just developing a better body – it’s also about developing a better life and reputation in the world. Lynda Nelson said she loves what she does – and she’s helped people that have been sexually assaulted to take the next step in their life. “It’s just so rewarding,” she said.

They spend a lot of time training their team on how to be better mentors for life skills. Every Wednesday and Friday, the martial arts academy has training for instructors, and there’s also a 6-hour training every other month that teaches the staff how to communicate better.

Sensei Nelson said that if someone has a great mind for engineering, they may be smart, but their ideas may never come to fruition if they can’t communicate well. They teach that right from the beginning at Quest Martial Arts.

For more information about Quest Martial Arts, visit or call 603-664-2332 or email Sensei Linda Nelson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..