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Barrington Town News Releases Barrington Business Directory

For those of you that don’t follow what our company is doing closely, the Business Directory is what will allow us to continue operating and providing the news to the community of Barrington, NH. It’s a directory, categorized by business industry and business type, that currently has 371 businesses listed, most of which are all in Barrington.

Most people that live in Barrington probably never realized that there were more than 100 businesses in town because you don’t see all the businesses that are operated out of people’s homes and side streets. Basically, all you see is what is on NH-125 and RTE-9, while there are hundreds of more businesses in Barrington that were not previously massively advertised to this extent to Barrington residents.

It’s all part of a new marketing campaign developed by Barrington Town News Founder, Patrick R. McElhiney, who thought up the “Shop Barrington First” slogan. The problem he found with the Chamber of Commerce’s membership pricing is that it leaves out most of the businesses in town that don’t make over $50,000 a year in revenues and thus can’t afford the membership. There is a reduced price membership, that Barrington Town News took advantage of, because at the time, and still currently, we are not posting any profits, however even at $50, it still leaves out a lot of businesses.

The Business Directory on Barrington Town News can cost under $25 a year with all the possible discounts. The standard price for a listing is $100, which includes one location, up to three categories, up to three photographs, and up to one file attachment. Our listings include a wide array of information, such as hours of operation, website address, contact information including physical address, phone numbers, and email addresses, and it’s a fully searchable listing that brings in traffic from the web – not just from Barrington Town News. It’s fully Search Engine Optimized (SEO) to bring business from the search engines directly to your company. We also have the capability to add videos to the listings, you can sponsor a listing of a non-profit organization with your logo, and you can even add additional locations, categories, photographs, and files for small additional fees.

We wanted everyone to take advantage of the full Business Directory now and Shop Barrington First, because there may ultimately be companies that will refuse to pay, and they will lose the benefits of being a part of this digital community that we have built, however, we’re willing to work deals with companies for an example if they’re a women-owned or veteran owned business, which receives a 10% discount off of any of our services, and for a business making less than $25,000 a year in revenue, the directory listing starts at $25 a year. This means that even a small home-based business can afford to advertise in the same way that a multi-million dollar corporation can.

We did this to help the local economy grow, to help local businesses grow because there was nothing else like it. Facebook and other Social Media websites aren’t built for Barrington’s consumers. We use Facebook as part of our online footprint, however, there’s only so much you can do on Facebook and the problem are that once you post something on there, Facebook technically owns it and can do whatever it wants with it. Barrington Town News is a local company that is accountable to its stakeholders, whether that be people that read our news stories or businesses that advertise with us. We don’t sell your data to the highest bidder!

We reach the community of Barrington, New Hampshire in ways unlike Facebook or any other online platform can because we’re local. Patrick R. McElhiney actually developed an algorithm that Facebook now uses in its dating system, which he worked on for his Master’s Thesis at the University of New Hampshire in Manchester. He’s no stranger to large companies trying to put the little guy out of business – they stole the algorithm. This is part of the reason why small companies have a financial advantage in the Barrington Town News Business Directory, because we know what it’s like to be small and to be walked all over by companies like Facebook.

Patrick spent months looking for every business in Barrington on Facebook, during which time he compiled this list of Barrington social profiles. What he found was that over 50% of the businesses in Barrington were not even on Facebook, and the ones that are, were extremely hard to find. So, they’re not listed through the Chamber of Commerce, they’re not listed on Facebook, and over half of the companies in Barrington don’t even have a website. So, Patrick set out to list all of them in the Business Directory.

If you have a business, and we’ve left you out of our Business Directory, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll give you 3 months absolutely free. Our sales team will be reaching out to all the companies we have listed to see if they would like to support their local newspaper and continue to be listed in our community’s most comprehensive Business Directory. It’s available to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at Most of all, we hope you’ll “Shop Barrington First”!