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Big Hit Media – “One of the best kept secrets in New Hampshire”

Scot in the studio control room at Big HitScot Villeneuve started Big Hit Media in 2004 after several years in corporate marketing with Cabletron Systems, AT&T and The Tracey Edwards Company – a large New Hampshire marketing firm. His vision was to take what he had learned and created a company that really focused on the client and their needs.

“We’re looking to build client relationships based on trust…”, said Villeneuve, and added that “it’s something that’s built over time.”

Some of Big Hit Media’s clients have been with the firm for nearly 15 years, such as Granite State Glass and L3 Insight Technology. The thing that keeps them coming back, is the good work, the results, but what it’s really about is the relationship.

Mr. Villeneuve explained an example – One day, Dave Ryan, VP of Sales & Marketing at Granite State Glass said he needed an advertisement designed, and Scot didn’t see the email immediately, and so he apologized. Mr. Ryan laughed and said that it was alright because if he needed it done right away, Dave knew Big Hit Media would have been on it; that's how strong the relationship is.

Over the years, Big Hit Media has served national clients such as ESPN Books, L3 Communications, iParty, Willis Insurance, and Long Term Care Partners. They also represent local clients, including Turbocam, TimberNook, Lake Sunapee Bank, When Pigs Fly Bread, and George Calef’s Fine Foods.

Since 2004, Big Hit Media has developed over 1,000 websites, including their own that states “Nice people, great work, good advice.” Their tagline is “Good at what we do,” and that pretty much sums up Big Hit Media.

An interview set for LTC PartnersMr. Villeneuve’s company offers Website Development, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Business and Sales Consulting, Content Creation, Marketing Strategy, Print Ads, Video & Radio Production, and so much more.

“We don’t like to just put a new facade on a website or ad campaign for the sake of making it look fresh,” said Villeneuve. “We want to identify the business goals of an organization, and customize the strategy to achieve those goals.”

People understand what advertising is, and they know what digital marketing is. The thing that differentiates Big Hit Media, is they can provide guidance as a business advisor to clients. That could take the form of retail sales strategies, Online sales strategies, and it could also take the shape of positioning a company in the marketplace.

“We’ve helped established companies that have grown significantly to refocus their identity via mission, vision, and positioning exercises, a methodology that Big Hit Media has developed over the years.

Cujo, the Big Hit ChihuahuaWhat Big Hit Media seeks to do, is to simply state the mission, vision, and position of the company. That’s the foundation for all messaging, and it guides business decisions. Even if the company has been around for 100 years, it doesn’t mean they can’t make improvements, according to Villeneuve.

He said, sometimes you must examine the “why we do this” because the “we’ve always done it this way” is not an acceptable reason. “Why do we spend $60,000 a year on this radio station?” to which Big Hit Media asks the question “Is this ad-spend yielding the maximum return on investment?”

Villeneuve explained, “There’s the business, analytic, and consulting side of what we do, but that’s just one part.” He added, “The other part is the creative design, and imagination component.” He said, “I like to consider ourselves artists and content creators – that’s really the 'golden goose' of our business.” Villeneuve added that there wouldn't be any 'soul' in his work without that creativity and imagination.

What do we see for the future?

“We know the technology is going to change – that’s a given. What isn’t going to change is our creative thinking and our commitment to clients,” said Villeneuve. “We’re constantly pitching ideas to our clients to make their businesses better.”

Villeneuve continued, “We see emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence-based marketing, business intelligence, and data analytics as tools and tremendous opportunities to grow our client's market share.”

“With our creativity, methods, and most importantly, our client relationships, I see Big Hit Media continuing to grow and I am really excited about the future,” Villeneuve concluded with a smile.

For more information about Big Hit Media, reach out to them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit their website at, call Scot Villeneuve directly at 603-834-6300, and visit the old fire station building on the corner of Route 9 and Mallego Road at 644 Franklin Pierce Highway, Barrington, New Hampshire 03825.