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New Barrington Town Hall Project Underway

This article contains information about the new Barrington Town Hall project that is now underway.

The new Town Hall building project is underway, according to Conner MacIver, Barrington’s Town Administrator. Expected to be completed by the end of 2020, this project was approved by voters at the Town Meeting in March 2019, who approved $1,025,000 to be used from the fund balance, and an $875,000 bond to cover the remainder of the costs.

The Town just received the Responses for Qualifications from potential engineering companies yesterday. Even though building costs in the building industry have gone up since the budget was approved for the project, the Town is looking to pick a firm that can stay within the approved $1,900,000 budget.

MacIver said there would be additional expenses, including moving expenses, repairs to the currently rented space, and certain furniture/office equipment. These expenses will be properly budgeted so they will be available when it is time to move into the new building.

The Select Board is confident that this new Town Hall building can be designed and built for the approved $1.9 million budget. The town currently pays $64,300 per year to rent the current building they are using as the Town Hall off RTE-125, and a storage facility to keep Town records.

The project has a design-build approach, which means that the Select Board will select one firm to see the project from design through construction. The Town hopes to select the company by this time next month. Through this fall and winter, the chosen firm will be designing the building and going through the Planning Board, at which time a graphic of the building project will become available. The Select Board is committed to the façade blending well with the rural character of Barrington, New Hampshire.

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