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Face Painting at the First Annual Barrington Village Festival

This article is about the face painting that took place at the Barrington Village Festival on September 7th, 2019.

Well, it was off to a rocky start with the wind whipping and the rain falling, but by the time 9 am rolled around the blue sky was peeking out from behind the clouds and the crowds began to roll in.

Face Painting at the First Annual Barrington Village FestivalSet next to the Village Barn, and across the street from Calef’s Country Store (who was hosting their 150th-anniversary event), there were over 50 vendors at the daylong event. At least that’s what I heard…from the face painting tent. I heard the music from the Joy of Dance Demo, heard Derek Small from Wildlife Encounters, heard the pie-eating contest, and the chili cookoff as well!

It had been my plan to get out and about, say hello to friends and enjoy the day. Surely, I would have one or two breaks. But there was constant flow. From the time the event started, with unicorn and mermaid paintbrushes in hand, radical transformations of cute little children into tigers, kittens, and puppies occurred. Then there were the hot rods, butterflies and flowery vines which decorated many a face as well. The coolest paint request was the little boy who wanted a handlebar mustache. Child after child lined up and waiting patiently for their picture to be painted on their faces. “It tickles”, “That’s cold”, “That feels good!” were common phrases throughout the day – and the look of joy on each little one’s face – that was the best payment of all.

As a business consultant, I am always solving problems and inspiring others. On Saturday, I was inspired instead. So for every parent, grandparent, friend or family member who brought a child to my tent, I want to say “Thank You”. Your little ones made my day with their smiles, good manners, and excitement!