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It should be noted that Barrington Town News is not directly associated with the government entity known as the Town of Barrington. The purpose of Barrington Town News is to get the news to the public, which may include news from the Town of Barrington and other sources. We are not in any way directly involved with the Town government business. Even though we advertise the Town’s website using the Town’s logo, it doesn’t establish any Memorandum of Understanding or any other legal agreement with the Town of Barrington. The only commonality between the Town of Barrington and Barrington Town News is the same geographical location.

As you may know, information produced by government agencies cannot be copyrighted because it belongs to the public. We are a local organization based on local volunteers that report the news and may sell advertising to help promote the businesses in Barrington, New Hampshire. Obviously the advertising cannot occur on the Town’s website, because it would establish a bias. We fill this gap of information by connecting the community together in one location, however, if you are looking for the original source of any information you find on Barrington Town News with regards to the Town of Barrington, you should refer to their website.

Likewise, Barrington Town News is not directly associated with the Barrington Public Library, which is part of the government entity known as the Town of Barrington. We have and may in the future display advertisements and articles relating to the Barrington Public Library, and the Barrington Library Foundation, however, we are not in any way directly connected to these organizations. If we attend their meetings, we are there as professionals gathering news for the public. The advertisements and articles for the Library are meant to link the public to the Library from our website, however, we do not have anything to do with these external websites, even though we may reference their information. If we use the logos of either the Town of Barrington or any other part of the Town of Barrington, including the Barrington Public Library, we are doing so to keep consistency with the images that those organizations have established for the public, but it should not be construed that we are in any way the Library or the Town government.

Should you have any questions about this matter, please feel free to contact our Press Room at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any of your questions. We will be happy to post any clarification that seemed misleading, or would have suggested that we support or don't support any of these organizations, as we are simply a newspaper - we provide the news to the public, regardless of the topic, as long as it meets Our Content Guidelines.